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new media artist

Priscila Forone

"The disturbance of what has always seemed so antagonistic has found room in the arts."

The Brazilian artist Priscila Forone discovered sculpture, photography and the desire to change in Australia in 1998. Leaving behind the beginning of her career in advertising, she studied nature, doing a master degree in environmental analysis and specializing in environmental photography. Restless in reflections, already working with photography, she graduated in Art History and after many years returned to ceramics and sculpture. In recent years she has been developing works in various medias, installations and performances, always reflecting on human nature and its place in the universe.

Since 2012 her production has intensified, with exhibitions already held in places like the Alfredo Andersen Museum and the Gravura Museum (both in Curitiba), and at Centro Cultural Brasil-México (in Mexico City). In 2016 she participated in the management group of the "Cerâmica Contemporânea Curitiba", coordinating approximately 100 ceramists for a collective exhibition in the gardens of the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba.

Lately, she's being working on exclusive ceramic pieces developed for 1012EcoDesign in Modena, Italy.

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