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Extracted photography from the research "VEIAS SECAS" (©2008). 

" me, listen to me, look at me, accompany me."

Sound track SONO,

Extracted from the research "AUTO RETRATO II". (©2017)

"As a scientist trying to understand the movements and signs of the Earth, not always palpable or visible, I search. No tools that limit these searches have been excluded, everything is useful to make different things communicate, complete one another, have significance. It's my nature to conceptualize my thoughts, always reflecting about the signification of the connections between animate and inanimate things.

The creative process is sometimes stimulated by ideas, sometimes by contact with different forms of matter, sometimes by questions that activate me: a mixture of beauty and hideousness, rough delicacy, coarse coziness, the beauty of decomposition, the simplicity of the complexity. I research the human race, reflected and put into perspective in the context of our natural environment - an environment that dos no depend on us to continue. Equalities and differences. Control and lack of control. Insertion and separation. Impermanence, metamorphosis.

I see myself as a researcher, who expresses her journey and thoughts through the visual arts (videos, photos, installations and performances). And in this way that I wish to discuss life, mine and by definition, everyone else's."

"I create enigmas to try to decipher things that are so close, yet unseen ..."
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